Francesco is a passionate filmmaker who creates visually compelling stories inspired by his life experiences and encounters. He is particularly drawn to cultural differences, the beauty of nature, and the human condition.

Born and raised in Bergamo, Italy, Francesco developed an interest in photography at a young age, thanks to his father, a photography enthusiast fascinated by different cultures. By observing his father's work with film and darkroom development, Francesco gained his first basic knowledge of the craft through direct experience.

As he grew older, Francesco's passion for cinema blossomed. He began experimenting as a filmmaker and worked on local music projects. Inheriting a strong passion for travel from his family, he decided to explore Southeast Asia, immersing himself in the region's local realities and customs.

Currently, Francesco lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, where he works as a commercial director and web developer, collaborating with companies from around the world. His diverse background and experiences continue to shape his unique perspective and approach to storytelling through film.